Finding some balance?

Noone ever told me that being self employed was easy. I certainly didn’t expect to be eating dinner at a reasonable time or managing to sit through a whole film. But I’m not sure I was prepared for sitting and writing a website at 2.45 on a Wednesday morning.

Once you’ve done your day job, the bit you actually get paid for, there’s always so much else left to do. Forget about the going home, showering, eating etc. to do list; I mean quotes, invoices, trying to schedule site visits and time to write reports, squeezing in checks to works you’ve done, following up with customers, chasing the ones who, despite being thrilled with what you did, still haven’t paid you after several weeks.

If someone has been around to look at a job for you, please try to remember that most of us do all of our admin in the evenings, losing time with family and friends. And while we’ve all come to take it for granted that the plumber will charge £80 just to come and have a look at your leaky tap and give you a quote for the work when he’s only been there for 5 minutes, noone ever seems to expect building tradespeople to charge for their time, when for most jobs, especially in conservation, you can guarantee that they will spend a good few hours tracing back problems, measuring up and quoting for the right materials for the job.

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